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I give a service to explore the authentic part of the Lombok island, local life and culture, specialized in round trip program explore the off path of the Lombok island

Authentic Experience on Lombok

My name is Putu Agus Sutha Adnyana and i was born and raise in Lombok, Indonesia. Our goal is to support the local make a better living and for clie is so make an Authentic Experience on Lombok

Gus Experience to organize your daily trip and round trip, aiming to give traveler a good experience to discover the beauty and authentiq part of the island

Now you have more options to choose, from round trip program, private daily tours, and small group for daily tour (2-5)

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Reviews From Our Happy Guests

Highly recommending this top driver! We contacted Gus really short term for a three day trip on Lombok (sleep overs in Kuta and Tetebatu) and were more than lucky, that he had time for us. We had an amazing trip with him - since he knows the island like the back of his hand, we got to know the authentic Lombok, learned lots about the indonesian culture and felt safe at all times. Gus speaks English fluently (now some German as well - "Achtung"), is always up for good fun and fullfills the wishes of his customers like no other. We highly recommend travelling with this top guide - thanks again Gus for the great experience! Caro and Christopher from Germany
A lot of views, authentic meetings and memories with Gus Incredible 5 days trip with Gus in Lombok.We saw authentic places, made local meeting and saw natural view. Gus knows very well the island, the people and our expectations !We are filmakers, we had the shots wanted with beautiful memories alsoThank you a lot to arrange all of our trip. It looks like a perfect week !We will miss you GusAndrea & Simon
Morgane C
Morgane C
Un guide /chauffeur à contacter en priorité !!! Gus est un super chauffeur mais surtout un super guide. Il a été force de proposition, nous a fait découvrir des lieux moins touristiques. Il a un excellent niveau d anglais. Toujours une histoire à raconter sur les lieux visités ou sur l histoire de Lombok, ses habitants, ses cultures. Nous avons également bien rigolé ensemble. Merci pour tout Gus !!
Kurtis W
Kurtis W
Your guide to Lombok Our Villa host booked Gus to transport us from Bangsal to Gerupuk in south Lombok. Gus made stops on the way to ensure we were ready for the next leg of our trip including helping at a pharmacy for our daughter who had a minor ear infection.Our experience was so great we booked him for a day trip to Benang Sokel and Benang Kelambu waterfalls with a stop at Sukarara village to see the art of hand weaving. Returning to South Lombok, Gus stopped at Ashtari restaurant in Kuta with expansive views of the coast and a great meal. Highly recommend Gus for his great attitude, cheerful friendly demeanour and personality. He was also a great conversation sharing his life’s adventures.
Michal K
Michal K
Zwiedzanie wyspy. Spędziliśmy z Gus'em 2 dni zwiedzając Lombok. Mieliśmy tylko wstępny plan , który Gus uzupełnił swoimi pomysłami. Na lunch zabiera w miejscaze świetnym widokiem (pomijam, że z dobrym jedzeniem 😀 ). Dużo opowiada o wyspie, mieszkańcach, zwyczajach . Dobrze rozmawia po angielsku i ogarnia wszystkie wejściówki, bilety i dodatkowych przewodników. Czysty, sprawny samochód.
Un très bon chauffeur Ce chauffeur a été exceptionnel ! Il a été clair dans toutes ces explications et nous a montré de magnifiques endroits, le van était agréable et gus était super serviable ! Notre séjour a été mémorable merci Gus !
Amazing driver & guide Thank you very much for 2 amazing days! With a little bit of planning in combination with spontaneously we hit all the waterfalls, beaches, hills in the south.And thanks to our driver even the buffalo came out to the private beach for pictures and video 😍Sadly we’re arriving back to Bali now, however next time we’ll be staying a little bit longer for sure.Best regards, B & N
Great reliable driver with fair prices We used Gus’s services a couple of times to drive us around when we were in Lombok. Good conversation, his prices are fair, the car is comfortable and he is very reliable (he was very accommodating when we had to change pick-up times due to changes to our flight the day before). I highly recommend his services!
Midnight Story
Midnight Story
Gus zeigt euch die schönsten Ecken Lomboks - für Bilder, Kultur und einheimisches Essen Gus war definitiv einer der besten Guides, den wir jemals hatten. Er zeigte uns die schönsten Spots, erzählte uns viel von Lomboks Einwohnern, brachte uns dessen Kultur näher, organisierte einzigartiges Essen und hatte immer wieder neue Ideen, was uns noch so gefallen würde.Wir waren im Juni 2019 für über 4 Tage mit ihm unterwegs und haben auch den Rücktransport am letzten Tag zum Flughafen über ihn organisiert.Wir haben Gus vor unserer Anreise kontaktiert und ihm unsere Ideen mitgeteilt, er hatte daraufhin noch Vorschläge wie wir den Trip noch unvergesslicher machen könnten. Auch der Preis für die 4 Tage war mehr als fair und kein Umweg war ihm zu weit. Ganz im Gegenteil, er hat noch Umwege vorgeschlagen wo wir noch schönere Bilder machen konnten und die Strände für uns hatten. Wir würden Gus wieder buchen und empfehlen ihn als Guide jedem der nach Lombok reist. Wenn ihr nicht mindestens einen Tag mit Gus verbringt und plant, habt ihr etwas verpasst. :-)
Very good service! We used Gus's services for transfer from the airport to the harbor in Lombok. Although we spend only 2 hours together he left us with good impression, great service and we manage to understand more about the island from him! Very comfortable car Toyota Innova, with an AC.

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Feel and see firsthand the beauty of nature with its friendly inhabitants. We pack this tour package in 6 fun days, from seeing the beauty of nature, snorkeling, seeing beautiful rice field views to sunrise on the hill

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My name is Putu Agus Sutha Adnyana and i was born and raise in Lombok, Indonesia. Our goal is to support the local make a better living and for clie is so make an Authentic Experience on Lombok

Gus Experience to organize your daily trip and round trip, aiming to give traveler a good experience to discover the beauty and authentiq part of the island

Now you have more options to choose, from round trip program, private daily tours, and small group for daily tour (2-5)

Here Are 15 Tourist Attractions in Lombok Tourists Always Look for

Tourist attractions in Lombok is one of the destinations tourists recently always look for because they are popular for their outstanding natural beauty. Moreover, tourist attractions in Lombok belong to the favorites for both local and foreign tourists.

There are also many Indonesia influencers who introduce various tourist attractions in Lombok to their communities via social media. Because of that, more people have a dream to have a vacation to Lombok.

There are various beauties of Lombok tours available from the beaches to the mountains. So, it is not surprising if tourists include Lombok Island on their dream list to visit.

There are various tourist attractions we recommend to those of you who want to have a vacation to Lombok. Below are 15 tourist attractions in Lombok that can be your tour references to choose:

1.    3 Gili Islands (Trawangan, Meno, and Air)

It is not complete if tourists who go to Lombok don’t visit Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air.

This is because the 3islands become the iconic tourist attractions in Lombok. The sea water is crystal clear, the expanse of white sand and the very fresh air belong to the beauties the 3 islands offer.

On Gili Trawangan, usually there are various parties like a firework show to welcome the new year. Meanwhile, Gili Meno offers a calming tour because this island is the quietest one.

Meanwhile, Gili Air has 5 special points from its natural water park. Some of them include Frogfish Point, Air Slope, and Air Wall. You shouldn’t worry because the access to these 3 islands is relatively easy. The tourists just need to cross Bangsal Harbor in around 45 minutes.

2.    Pink Beach

Pink Beach is one of the most popular beaches with stunning views and pink sand. Besides that, it has crystal-clear water as well as wonderful underwater views.

Tourists can go snorkeling. If you are interested, there’s an equipment rental there. With very calm waves, this beach is ideal for swimming and family trips with kids.

3.    Senggigi Beach

Senggigi Beach also belongs to one of the most well-known tourist attractions in Lombok. With blue & clear sea water, this beach is perfect for snorkeling to enjoy the beauty under the sea.

The waves are also very good for surfing, especially for beginners. Senggigi Beach is addressed on Jalan Raya Senggigi, Batu Layar, West Lombok Regency.

4.    Tanjung Aan Beach

This is one of the most favorite beaches that is still very natural because there’s no construction of facilities around the beach. Directly facing the Indian Ocean, this beach has a coastline of about 2 km and is surrounded by Merese Hill.

The beach is located in Sengkol, Kuta, Central Lombok Regency. This beach has 2 types of sand stretching along the coast, namely fine sand with flour-like texture and sand with peppercorns-like texture.

Then, Tanjung Aan Beach has not so big waves so that it is very ideal for swimming and snorkeling. Its location is not far from Lombok Airport. Tourists can use cars or motorcycles with the distance of about 30 minutes.

5.    Merese Hill

Merese Hill is one of the tourist attractions in Central Lombok for enjoying the sunset. This is a hill surrounding Tanjung Aan Beach. It is located on Jalan Kuta Lombok, Central Lombok Regency.

This hill belongs to the most hits tourist attractions in Lombok, where tourists can enjoy wide sea views and the beauty of sunset in the late afternoon. And this hill is recommended so much as an Instagramable photo spot.

Moreover, people often use it as a location for pre-wedding photos. Tourists don’t need to pay an entrance ticket and can visit this place on foot from Tanjung Aan Beach.

6.    Malimbu Hill

This hill offers the beauty of a stunning sunset with an amazing view. This hill also has 2 points for enjoying the view, on the east and west sides. The location of this hill is in Malacca Village, North Lombok Regency.

On this hill, tourists can see the Mount Agung view in Bali as well as the islands of Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air. While enjoying the view, tourists may have some meals because there are many stalls that sell foods, drinks, and even souvenirs. Even more, visiting this hill costs free.

7.    Sendang Gile Waterfall

This waterfall has a very challenging attraction. The tourists can see the amazing and refreshing natural scenery.

This waterfall also offers a splash of water forming fog around the waterfall. You can even feel the natural freshness with a pleasant gurgling sound.

8.    Tiu Kelep Waterfall

Lombok also has a beautiful waterfall, namely Tiu Kelep Waterfall. The location of this waterfall is under the foot of Mount Rinjani. Its location is not only cool but there’re also lush & green trees, making the atmosphere cooler.

This waterfall is addressed in Bayan, North Lombok Regency. Many tourists visit and enjoy the atmosphere of the forest around the waterfall. And, the cool air can calm your mind.

9.    Sade Village

Why does Sade Village belong to a recommended tourist attraction? It is because this village is still very traditional. Most tourists visit Sade village to learn the well-maintained cultures and traditions in this village. Of course, they can find a new experience during in this tourist village.

Besides that, tourists can also see native tribal houses with traditional shapes. What makes it more unique is that the floor of the traditional tribal house is made from buffalo dung. For your information, this village is located in Rembitan Village, Pujut District, Lombok.

10. Tetebatu

Tetebatu is a tourist attraction located 700 meters above sea level. This is a stretch of green hills that that are very cool and beautiful. With its beautiful scenery, you can feel a natural and pleasant rural atmosphere.

From the top, you can also see the green rice fields, wide-spread around the hill. These rice fields support the wheels of economy of the local community. Even more, you can interact with local people to know more about their cultures.

11. Mount Rinjani

If you like climbing a mountain, Mount Rinjani is very interesting tourist attraction. Moreover, it is a tourist icon in Lombok, that is very famous in Indonesia and the world. For your information, Mount Rinjani has an altitude of 3,276 meters above sea level, that is very high for beginners.

The local government has opened so many hiking tracks to ease the climb. However, physical preparation is certainly very important before deciding to climb this mount.

12. Sembalun

This is a tourist park that is not far from Mount Rinjani. This tourist attraction offers a beautiful natural landscape in form of a stretch of green hills that comes with a coolness feeling.

Besides that, you can also feel the sensation of climbing on the hill with a path although it is not too high. In addition, if you like taking pictures, the peak of Sembalun can be the best spot for taking photos with a beautiful cloud background.

13. Gili Kondo

Gili Kondo also belongs to the best Gili attractions in Lombok. Although it is not as famous as Gili Trawangan, its natural scenery is not less beautiful.

In fact, it has a perfect natural scenery that comes with a blend of long white sand and calm blue sea. The combination of natural beauty provides serenity and coolness for those who want to enjoy a vacation with family.

14. Mosquito Netting (Benang Kelambu) Waterfall

This tourist attraction in Lombok is very popular even for foreign countries. For your information, this waterfall is addressed in the area of Rinjani Geopark. Besides that, it is favored by UNESCO as a Word Earth Park.

Then, the water comes from various springs coming out through cracks along the cliffs. However, the cliffs are full of plants. Since it looks like mosquito netting, people call it Benang Kelambu Waterfall.

And, the tourists can swim under the flow of the waterfall. A little away, the tourists can take a rest on the rocks while enjoying the beauty and coolness of the location. Anyway, that is the best thing when you visit this alluring waterfall.

15. Gili Kendis Lombok

This uninhabited small island is located in Sekotong Village, West Lombok Regency. Gili Kendis offers a stretch of smooth white sand, surrounded by clear water sea. Since it only measures 1.5x of a field, you can surround it in 5 to 10 minutes.

You can walk around while enjoying the beauty of the sea. Many tourists go snorkeling and take photos, including for pre-wedding. If you want to go camping, make sure that you bring complete equipment because no one stays on this small island.

These tourist attractions in Lombok show that Indonesia is rich of tourism potential. It is a great opportunity to show the world that Indonesia is a paradise of the world. And, the most popular underwater panorama is in Lombok.

Well, with those tourist attractions above, you have 15 tourist attractions in Lombok tourists always look for. Pay attention to these tourist attractions and choose which one suits your wish. Happy Holiday!